San Dieguito Escrow, Inc. Professional Escrow Services

Residential Purchases, Sales and Transfers
A residential resale is the process of selling or purchasing of an existing previously owned home.
I understand that act of selling or buying of a property is an extremely important event to all parties involved.  I will offer great insight and possess the expertise to successfully close your transaction on time while adhering to the current federal and state laws and regulations.

I am a knowledgeable professional who will work closely with you to establish the most efficient process to ensure the successful transfer of your property by gathering all pertinent information, effortlessly meeting each deadline, and competently anticipating and answering your questions before you ever have the chance to ask them.
Commercial Escrow Services

A commercial escrow is one that involves the transfer or encumbrance of property other than residential, such as office, research, retail and industrial properties.

San Dieguito Escrow Inc.  recognizes that there is no such thing as an easy commercial transaction. Each transaction is unique and the main role of the settlement agent becomes that of a coordinator and problem solver. Often a transaction will become so complex that the settlement agent is the only person who has a grasp of the entire transaction and all closing requirements. Handling commercial escrows requires unique skills on the part of the settlement agent.

For more specific information regarding commercial real estate transactions and the processes and procedures required to successfully close, select from the Commercial Closing Topics index provided.

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Refinancing is the process of paying off of an existing loan with the proceeds from a newly acquired loan, using the same parcel of property as collateral.  There are many different reasons to refinance such as reducing the term of a longer mortgage,  securing a better more cost effective interest rate, replacing an adjustable rate loan with a fixed-rate loan or withdrawing cash equity by obtaining a new loan with a larger principal balance.

Sometimes the refinance process can become challenging and that is where our problem solving expertise comes into play. My ability to overcome anticipated and unforeseen challenges comes from education, years of experience, and thousands of successful closings.
1031 Exchange Transactions
The 1031 exchange is often sought by sellers of investment property because of deferment of the capital gains taxes.  The IRS Code 1031 outlines a specific set of criteria that must be met before one can take advantage of this benefit.  The rule also requires use of a qualified intermediary providing services on behalf of the taxpayer in an exchange transaction. Should you be interested in more information regarding a 1031 Exchange, please contact your account or an exchange company directly. As an experienced escrow professional, I have the required knowledge to handle your 1031 exchange should you so desire after having spoken to your tax professional.  Rest assured, I will provide the crucial attention to detail which is an absolutely necessary to provide you with a smooth transaction with uncompromising quality.
For Sale By Owner Opportunities
A For Sale By Owner transaction is categorized by the fact that they have no realtors involved.

As a escrow professional, I possess the know-how to assist you with desired escrow services even if you are not represented by a realtor.   My role as escrow is to serve as a neutral third party who is entrusted to hold all documents and deposited funds to ensure all parties fulfill obligations as set forth in sales/purchase contract and established in the escrow instructions.

San Dieguito Escrow provides escrow for Short Sales.

What is a short sale?

A "Short Sale", also sometimes called "Upside Down" or Under Water" means that the loan balances secured by the property are more than today's market value. The bottom line is the Seller will actually have to take money out of his own pocket to make up the "shortage". Often seller will have to ask the mortgage to accept less than the loan amount what seller's owes. Thus, we call it a SHORT SALE.

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Bulk Sales / Business Opportunities
San Dieguito Escrow can help you with your Bulk Sales / Business Opportunities.
Vacant Land
San Dieguito Escrow can assist you with your vacant land real estate transactions.
Mobile Homes
San Dieguito Escrow is ready to provide escrow services and help you with your Mobile Home transactions.
San Dieguito Escrow provides sub-escrow services.